Storm Aftermath: Justin Peters

As a person, it's really hard to dislike Carolina goaltender Justin Peters. Ever since he has been a part of the Hurricanes organization, Peters has worked hard at every level and has never complained about things like playing time or not getting enough opportunities in the NHL. There have been a few instances where Peters […]

Storm Aftermath: Dan Ellis

The Hurricanes got kind of lucky with Dan Ellis falling into their laps at the beginning of the year. They were planning on entering the season with Justin Peters as their back-up, but the NHL lockout caused a few players to find work in other leagues and it led to Ellis signing a professional tryout […]

Storm Aftermath: Cam Ward

Ask anyone what the "turning point" of the season was for Carolina and I would bet money that at least seven out of ten people will say that their playoff hopes were doomed once goaltender Cam Ward got hurt. The Canes went 7-17-3 with him out of the lineup and were on the losing end […]

Overreactions to goaltending and small sample sizes

Goaltenders are a tricky bunch to figure out. Fans will either love or hate them depending on how they perform in a ten game stretch. If they stand on their head for and steal a couple of games for their teams, the goalie will be heralded and be a front-runner for Team MVP. Whereas if […]

A review of Carolina’s goaltending

The growth of statistical analysis in hockey has come a long way in the last few years as there are now many different ways to analyze players and break down the ins and outs of just about anyone who has played in the NHL recently. However, most of the work that has been done in […]

Finding the right back-up goaltender

Ever since Cam Ward became the incumbent starter for the Hurricanes, the team has had a lot of trouble finding a reliable back-up for him. For the most part, they have been using guys called up from the AHL (see Leighton, Michael; Peters, Justin) or career journeymen like Manny Legace and John Grahame to spell […]

Cam Ward’s hot streak

Cam Ward is a tough goalie to figure out. He is paid as if he is one of the league’s elite goaltenders, but his career numbers show that he isn’t. He is an above average goalie who is very streaky and I’m sure most of us know that. Goaltender performance is hard to predict but […]

The peaks and valleys of Cam Ward

The month of December has been quite a ride for Cam Ward. He’s been pulled in two games, has given up three or more goals in all but three games and has a save percentage of .882. On the flip-side, he also played two of his best games of the season against Toronto and Vancouver […]

Consistency In Net

Every hockey pundit talks about how teams need to have consistency at the goaltender position in order to be successful but what exactly does that mean? You could be like the New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers or Buffalo Sabres who have had one main guy and a few back-ups since the lock-out and have […]

Cam Ward, Elite Goalie or Not?

When I wrote my review of Cam Ward’s season about a month ago, I said this: “I wouldn’t put Ward in an elite class like his contract indicates but I do think he will provide the Canes with stable and reliable goaltending for the remainder of his contract.” Why would I not consider a goalie […]

An In-Depth Review of Cam Ward’s Season

On my old blog, I did this for Washington Capitals goalies Michal Neuvirth and Semyon Varlamov and was planning on doing every goalie in the Southeast Division. I figured that I should continue this project here and I will start with Carolina’s netminder, Cam Ward. He has been the starting goaltender for the Hurricanes for […]