Hurricanes 2013 Development Camp Notes: Thursday Morning

The Hurricanes continued their great coverage of this year's development camp by hosting another live look-in of a closed practice. Today's session featured the prospects going through power-skating drills with instructor Kim Muir, so there wasn't a ton to watch for outside of that but there were some definite standouts. Skating is a vital part of today's game, so it's great to see where some players are in terms of their ability to turn corners, move backwards and handle the puck while moving laterally. There are obviously some prospects who are much more advanced in this part of the game than others and I'll talk about a few who fall into that category based on what I saw today.

– Sergey Tolchinsky really caught my eye during yesterday's practice and he did so again today. He appears to be a very agile player and had no issue with maintaining his speed while pivoting backwards and handling the puck. It will be interesting to see what he can do in a game because his raw skill set has been nothing but impressive from what I've seen. He was only a camp invitee so I'm not sure what that means for his future with the club, but I hope the coaching staff is keeping a close eye on him.

– Defenseman Danny Biega has also impressed me during this camp. He was very good during breakout drills yesterday and his skating was equally good today. He moves fluidly down the ice and if he can handle the puck well enough in high pressure situations, he could find his way to the NHL in the next few years.

– There were a few other defensemen who showed good agility in the backwards drills and one of them was Keegan Lowe, Carolina's 3rd round pick from 2011. I don't remember him being touted for his skating when he was drafted, but he moved well up and down the ice this morning without much of an issue. The same goes for Brett Pesce and Rasmus Rissanen, the latter of whom looked a lot faster than I remember. 

– This was the first day I got a good look at forward prospect Victor Rask and I have to say that he seemed to handle the puck better than most of the other prospects, especially while skating laterally. He is one of Carolina's top prospects but is sort of "under the radar" in the national spotlight and I expect him to do a lot of good things in Charlotte this year.

– On a side note, Brody Sutter is at least two or three inches taller than I remember him being. He dwarfed some of the other prospects in camp.

Special thanks to the Hurricanes for streaming these practices and giving fans a look at the team's future.