Hurricanes Draft Profile: Brendan Collier

Carolina added yet another college bound player into their system by selecting forward Brendan Collier with their seventh round pick in this year’s draft. Collier just finished up a very successful senior year at Malden Catholic high school with a ridiculous 27 goals and 64 points in 22 games. He is committed to Boston University and will play there next year looking to build off his success in high school. He is noted to be an offensive powerhouse with a lot of speed and a knack for goal-scoring. He was nicknamed “Mr. Hockey ” by ESPN Boston’s hockey blog and has done nothing but impress the scouts in the area.

There is no doubt that Collier’s numbers are impressive but that was in high school against kids his age. It’s uncertain how he will fare in college against tougher opponents and older players. You have to like what you see with Collier, though. He’s a very impressive athlete and can could have been a higher draft pick if he entered a year later and had a good freshman year. The one major red flag I see with him is that he’s only 5’9″ and 168 lbs. which is smaller than some of the other 18 year olds in this draft but he can always get bigger. Still, you have to wonder how he’ll fare next year against bigger opponents if he stays the same size.

Either way, Collier seems to have the makings of a good prospect and he’s won over a a lot of New England hockey bloggers. See for yourself.

ESPN Boston

143. Brendan Collier, Malden Catholic, LW
Scout’s take: “We hear this about him, he’s just a pure hockey player. Goal line to goal line, he works so hard, got a good compete level. I think he’s going to be a great college player. He’s got some potential because he just works so hard.”

Chiarelli’s take: “A couple of interesting one’s, the Collier kid, [he is] kind of under the radar a little bit, but a real gritty kid.”

The Draft Site

Named by ESPN Boston as Mr. Hockey, he was a team leader, who has keen offensive skills and is committed to all three zones. He scored 27 goals, 64 points in 22 games on his way to overtime Super Eight championship winning goal. He has committed to Boston University.

It’s hard to find any negative things to say about Collier because his current body of work is very impressive. At the same time you need to keep your expectations in line because he’s only played at the high school level. Seeing what he can do at Boston University in the Hockey East will give us a better idea of where he stands. That’s generally how things work with all prospects who are about to start their first year at college, though. For a seventh round pick, the Hurricanes aren’t risking much so there’s nothing wrong with this selection. I’m interested to see how his freshman year goes.