My only comment

Anyone who keeps up with this blog may have noticed this, but I haven’t spoken much about the NHL lockout, which is over a month old at this point, nor have I commented much on the CBA talks between the owners and the NHL Players Association. One of the reasons for this is because I’m not the most knowledgeable person about this subject and if you want news on this topic, then there are plenty of other wonderful sites all over the Internet that are covering the lockout in better detail than I can. Overall though, the main reason why I haven’t been covering the lockout on here is because of one fact.

I don’t care.

Should I care more? Probably, since I primarily write about the NHL and if there is no season then it’s going to be a challenge for me to deliver fresh content on a daily basis but at the end of the day, nothing I say or do is going to have an effect on the negotiations between the owners and player’s association. Judging from the news coming out of Toronto today, it sounds like it could be awhile before the NHL starts up again and at most, we are going to get a shortened season. And you know what? That is completely fine by me.

I have mentioned this more than a few times but the NHL being locked out does not mean that us North Americans are being deprived of hockey. There will be plenty of junior, college and semi-pro level hockey being played while the owners and player’s association try to resolve their differences. Does it offer the same competitiveness and level of play that the NHL offers? No, but it is more than enough to keep me content for now. There are plenty of outlets where people can go to get their hockey fix and while they may not receive the same promotion as the NHL, they are out there. It’s all a matter of finding them.

As for the status blog, there will still be plenty of things for me to talk about over these next few months. I’ll be continuing to report on the Hurricanes prospects on a weekly basis, give you updates on the AHL and ECHL affiliates and I’ve been doing some intense research on a few different topics which I am very excited to post in the next few weeks. There won’t be any new games to report or track for awhile, but there is sitll a lot of ground that hasn’t been covered in the world of hockey metrics and the extra down time leaves the door open for more research that I haven’t been able to do before in past years.

I’m not sure if I’ll continue my player projections seeing how those are intended to be for an 82 game-season, but I’m already half-way done with them so I guess there’s no point in stopping now. Plus, I’m optimistic that there will be hockey played in 2012-13 even if it isn’t a full-season. You would think that the sky was falling judging from Gary Bettman’s statements today and the subsequent reactions from hockey fans on Twitter, but I think this is just a step in negotiations. Both sides have their proposals and are currently posturing to get the other side to budge and win the PR battle on top of that, hence why there has been so much fanfare attached to each side’s statements.

If you are an NHL fan and have spent any of the last couple days on Twitter, then you’ll see a first-hand example of how quickly the public’s opinion changes and how much each side’s effort to win the PR battle messes with the fan’s emotions. The best/worst part about it is that they have probably just scratched the surface with this and things are about to get real ugly in the upcoming months.

While all of that is going on, I will continue to mind my own business and research the side of the game that I am more interested in. The only other thing I have to say in regards to the lockout is just “wake me when it is over.”