NHL News and Notes

  • A pretty significant trade went down today as the New Jersey Devils sent Brian Rolston to the New York Islanders for Trent Hunter. This looks like a clear win for the Devils at first because it frees up more cap space for them to re-sign Zach Parise (they now have $7 million free) and Rolston has never lived up to his $5+ mil plus cap hit. When looking at things more closely, the Islanders don’t look too bad for doing this trade because they need to get to the cap floor and Rolston’s cap hit is higher than his salary (barely) so this helps their cause there. Also, Rolston has only one year left on his contract while Hunter still has two years left with a $2 mil cap hit so the Isles aren’t taking on an albatross of a contract here.

    That said, what makes the Islanders look bad here is they took a big contract off the hands of a divisional rival, which obviously will not go over well with the fanbase. Rolston will also be the highest paid player on the Islanders roster next year unless they sign someone else. Luckily for them, he isn’t close to being the best player on the team as there are plenty of great young goal scorers on Long Island. Rolston may be able to take on soft minutes and play in the top-six there but he’s clearly past his prime. Trent Hunter did not have a good season last year but he is a solid two-way forward who can be a big help for the Devils third line or fourth line. This trade helps the Devils causes right now because it creates cap room to re-sign Parise and it’s not like Hunter’s $2 mil in cap space will cripple them next season so I don’t think them taking that contract is a huge deal, especially if he plays like he did before this most recent season.

  • Avs get deals done with two of rookies, Gabriel Landeskog and Duncan Siemens. Good chance that Landeskog starts the year in the NHL for them. Excited to see what he can do.
  • Review of Tim Gleason’s 2010-11 season by the folks at Canes Country. I disagree with most of the negative things said about him but you could probably tell by reading this blog that I’m higher on Gleason than most people seem to be.
  • A goal-by-goal analysis of Tomas Vokoun’s season done by Red Line Station. Builds on what I did with Neuvirth, Varlamov and Ward in recent weeks. Great stuff.
  • Nashville Predators ink Tyler Sloan to a one-year deal. I have to wonder about a few things; 1.) I can’t believe Sloan was signed before Scott Hannan. 2.) Brett Lebda and Tyler Sloan might play on the same blue line. That scares me just thinking about it. 3.) What in the world is David Poille doing this summer? He’s a terrific GM but he’s made a couple questionable moves the past month or so.
  • More great work from Gabe Desjardins at Arctic Ice Hockey looking into the question of how much quality of competition matters when looking at advanced stats in hockey.


That’s all for today.