Game 82 By the Numbers: Hurricanes at Flyers

Much like the previous two games, there isn’t a whole lot to say about the Hurricanes 6-5 shootout win over the Flyers. You had two teams whose seasons were basically over, one already clinching the playoff spot and one being officially eliminated from contention about a week ago. To add to that, the Flyers were starting an inexperienced AHL goalie and both teams were letting most of their injured players rest. The result was ultimately meaningless and the most you could hope for as a fan was for an entertaining game where no one got seriously injured. That’s exactly what we got yesterday afternoon.

If the goal for the last month or so was to find positives to build off of, then this game didn’t provide us with a whole lot. Sure, Jeff Skinner scored twice but he has been hot for awhile and most would consider him one of the few bright spots all season. Eric Staal also scoring a pair of goals was nice to see, but he still finished with his worst season points-wise since his rookie year and will probably be making rumor headlines all summer regardless. They also had the fortune of running into a very inexperienced goalie playing in front of a shaky defense, so the stage was set for the Hurricanes to have a decent game offensively. Earning a sweep of the Flyers, a team that has historically owned the Hurricanes, might be a small silver lining to what has been a tough year, but a regular season sweep doesn’t mean much when you’re heading for another early off-season while your opponent is going to the playoffs.

Mediocrity has been a rut the Hurricanes have been stuck in for the last five seasons and it’s why wins like yesterday afternoon can’t be appreciated as much as they could be. Carolina might be heading for an “interesting off-season,” but this has been the story for the last three years and the end result has been the same. Will whatever changes happen to this off-season lead to something better? Guess we will just have to wait and see because it’s hard to get a grasp on what the team will do at this point. At least things ended on somewhat of a positive note.

Fenwick Timeline from Extra Skater

Fenwick chart for 2014-04-13 Hurricanes 6 at Flyers 5 (SO)

Scoring Chances


The Flyers had to climb out of a hole, but they were firing on all cylinders after Sean Couturier tied the game in the second period. Carolina was basically on their heels for most of that period and if it weren’t for a fluky goal scored by Jeff Skinner, they probably would have lost this in regulation. There actually weren’t many total scoring chances despite the final score and high shot total. Both teams had plenty of looks, but had trouble finding the target and Carolina scored a couple of goals that weren’t considered scoring chances by definition so that brought things down a little.

Hurricanes Individual Scoring Chances


Hurricanes On-Ice Scoring Chances


Best EV Forwards: Nathan Gerbe & Jordan Staal +2

Worst EV Forwards: Elias Lindholm , Jiri Tlusty & Eric Staal -2

Best EV Defenseman: Jay Harrison +2

Worst EV Defenseman: Justin Faulk -3

Flyers Individual Scoring Chances


Flyers On-Ice Scoring Chances


Best EV Forward: Matt Read +4

Worst EV Forward: Vincent Lecavalier -4

Best EV Defenseman: Kimmo Timonen & Braydon Coburn +1

Worst EV Defenseman: Luke Schenn -1

Head-to-Head at Five-on-Five


5v5 Zone Entries

Hurricanes Puck-Handling


Hurricanes Defense


Flyers Puck-Handling


Flyers Defense


5v5 Zone Exits