Carolina’s Role In “Southern Hockey”

When the Atlanta Thrashers moved to Winnipeg to eventually become the Jets, I was a little sad and that’s not just because Carolina will have to play “divisional” games in Winnipeg next year, but more that I was upset to see a team from a southern market leave. The Canes have had a lot of […]

Jeff Skinner and Logical Fallacies

Jeff Skinner had as good of a rookie season as anyone could ask for. At the age of 19, he already has a 30 goal season under his belt, received top-six minutes and took home the Calder Trophy. Some NHL scouts called him the “best pure goal-scorer in the 2010 draft” and he definitely showed […]

Defensive and Two-way Forwards 2010-11

Cam Charron of Flames Nation recently brought up the issue of how NHL pundits have been improperly using the term “defensive” and “two-way” forwards to describe players, mostly when it came to deciding Selke Award winners. He discusses how he feels that “the best defensive players” should be ones who play tough assignments and prevent […]

Shea Weber’s Value

Yesterday, Nashville Predators defenseman and pending free agent Shea Weber was awarded with a one-year contract worth $7.5 mil after his arbitration hearing. When any player signs a contract with that kind of cap hit, people wil always say that it’s an overpayment and the team paying that kind of contract is foolish. To justify […]

Did Montreal Screw Up With The Josh Gorges Extension?

About a week ago, the Montreal Canadiens signed 26-year-old defenseman Josh Gorges to a one-year contract extension worth $2.5 mil. This was met with a mixed reaction as some thought that Gorges was someone the Habs should lock-up long-term because of how big of a role he plays both on and off the ice. On […]

A Full Season of Bryan Allen

One of my favorite trades the Canes made last season was sending pending UFA Sergei Samsonov to the Florida Panthers in exchange for defenseman Bryan Allen. Why I was a fan of this move so much was because Samsonov’s role with the team decreased after the acquisition of Cory Stillman and the emergence of Jeff […]

“Fancy Stats” and Why They Are Important

With the expanding popularity of corsi and scoring chance statistics in the hockey community, there’s been a bit of a backlash by those who prefer to judge what they see by observations instead. There’s no problem with that but when they throw out accusations like “you people with your fancy stats probably don’t even watch […]