Carolina Hurricanes Power Play Drinking Game

Let’s face it, the Canes powerplay just isn’t that fun to watch right now. I had optimism early in the season because they were at least getting shots and chances on net but forwhatever reason, that has completely gone away the past month or so. This is why I have devised this little game so us Caniacs can get some enjoyment out of watching the powerplay. We tend to see the same things over and over when the Canes have the man advantage, so why not have some fun with it?

Whenever you see one of the listed events happen you must take a drink of your beverage of choice.

Drink once when:

– A shot misses the net.
– The puck gets cleared out of the zone on the first entry.
– The Canes have passed the puck around for about 30 seconds.
– A forward playing the point.
– Tripp Tracy talks about net front presence (this if you’re watching on FS-Carolinas).
– A shot from the point doesn’t get through.

Drink twice when:

– The Canes give up a shorthanded chance. (double up if the player who gets the chance is a former Hurricane)
– A shot goes off the post.
– Eric Staal tries a wrap around.
– A shot misses the net AND deflects out of the opponent’s zone.
– There’s a missed one-timer.

Drink three times when:

– The Canes create a perfect chance but are robbed by the goaltender.
– A stick breaks.
– There’s a turnover at the blue-line.

Chug what’s left of your drink when:
– The Canes score a powerplay goal


I’ll be adding to this as the season goes on.