Tracking the Playoffs: Stanley Cup Final Scoring Chances

Anyone who is into advanced hockey statistics usually puts a lot of emphasis on even strength play because that is where the majority of the game is played and where most games are won. it's been shown in recent history that the teams who make the playoffs are those who are good at controlling even […]


Tracking the Playoffs: Stanley Cup Final Game 6

First off, congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks and their fans on a well-deserved Stanley Cup victory. It's rare that we see one dominant team for the entire season and playoffs, and the Blackhawks were just that this year. They had to go through a couple of bumps in the road along the way and were […]


Tracking the Playoffs: Stanley Cup Final Game 4

Since the beginning of June, Boston goaltender Tuukka Rask had only allowed seven goals over a seven game stretch and was running hot with a save percentage of .960-.980. He has done more than enough to prove that is a top-tier goaltender, but any goaltender sustaining those kind of numbers over any period of time […]


Tracking the Playoffs: Stanley Cup Final Game 3

For most of the playoffs, Boston goaltender Tuukka Rask has had to bail his team out of a lot of tough situations and steal a few games for the Bruins. This was not one of those games. He did make 28 saves to earn his third shutout of the post-season, but Chicago's offense was basically […]


Tracking the Playoffs: Stanley Cup Final Game 2

Last night, the Bruins played what was probably the worst first period of any game of this year's post-season. For those 20 minutes, they were outshot 19-4, outchaned 13-2 and thoroughly dominated by the Blackhawks in all phases. It was on pace to be one of the most lopsided Stanley Cup Final games in recent […]


Tracking the Playoffs: Stanley Cup Final Game 1

The Stanley Cup Finals got off to a fantastic start last night with the Chicago Blackhawks defeating the Boston Bruins in a thrilling overtime game off a deflection goal by Andrew Shaw. Looking at the shot reports for this game will tell you that the Blackhawks dominated the Bruins for the majority of the contest […]


Tracking the Playoffs: Penguins vs. Bruins Game 3

Despite throwing 54 on Boston's goal, 29 of them being scoring chances, the Penguins could only get one past goaltender Tuukka Rask last night and that predictably was not enough to win them the game as the Bruins defeated them 2-1 in overtime. The loss puts Pittsburgh in a 3-0 hole and on the brink […]


Tracking the Playoffs: Penguins vs. Bruins Game 2

The Bruins took a 2-0 series lead over the Penguins by coasting their way to a 6-1 win on Monday night. It was one of those games where the underlying numbers don't matter as much because the game was pretty much over after the first period. Boston scored on their first scoring chance of the […]


Tracking the Playoffs: Penguins vs. Bruins Game 1

If you're wondering why I did not have any scoring chances posted from the last round, it's a long story. I'll just say that I've had a limited amount of spare time the last few weeks and was not able to post any analysis of the second round. Despite that minor setback, I should be […]


Tracking the Playoffs: Rangers vs. Capitals Game 6

Yesterday, the Rangers forced what is now the third Game 7 of this year's playoffs by defeating the Caps 1-0. Washington may have a new coach, but last night's game had a very similar vibe to the series these two teams played in the second round last season. Aside from the second period, neither team […]


Tracking the Playoffs: Islanders vs. Penguins Game 6

Anybody who thought the Islanders couldn't top the heartbreak of Game Three was proven wrong last night after they were eliminated from the playoffs last night by the Pittsburgh Penguins on the heels of an overtime goal by Brooks Orpik. The whole game was pretty similar to how Game Three went where the Islanders vastly […]


Tracking the Playoffs: Wild vs. Blackhawks Game 5

The Wild/Blackhawks series was easily the most lopsided matchup in the Western Conference and the final result ended up being that way with the Blackhawks defeating the Wild in five games and outscoring them 17-7 in the process. The Wild put up a good fight in Games 1 & 3 but in the end, they […]


Tracking the Playoffs: Islanders vs. Penguins Game 5

Going into this series, I had a feeling that goaltending was going to be a deciding factor and by that, I meant that the team who got slightly better goaltending would be the one who advanced. The Penguins had a decisive edge in this department based on their regular season numbers but after Marc-Andre Fleury […]


Tracking the Playoffs: Rangers vs. Capitals Game 4

Not going to lie here, I thought the Rangers should have been able to handle the Caps at even strength fairly easily based on these two team's play in the regular season. This hasn't been happening, though as the Rangers have been outchanced 39-36 by the Caps at evens heading into tonight's game. They aren't […]


Tracking the Playoffs: Wild vs. Blackhawks Game 4

The Wild pulled a bit of a shocker on Sunday afternoon by not only defeating the Chicago Blackhawks in overtime, but also outplaying them for the majority of the game on top of that. Chicago matches up favorably to the Wild in just about every area, so many were expecting this series to be a […]