Justin Faulk: Building Block or Centerpiece?

“Rebuilding” in sports is usually a long, painful process and the Hurricanes have seemingly been stuck in one for the last four years or so.  It wasn’t planned for it to end up like this, but the reality is that the Hurricanes have finished out of the playoffs in seven of the last eight seasons […]

Game 78 By the Numbers: Devils at Hurricanes

The Hurricanes point-streak ends at five-games as they dropped a 3-1 loss to the New Jersey Devils last night in what was a pretty uneventful game overall. Carolina continued their recent trend of staring the game off on a poor note, falling behind 1-0 in the first period and using the rest of the night […]

Game 77 By the Numbers: Stars at Hurricanes

As sports fans, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the emotion of a game and get jazzed up over a win even when the season is basically over. Nobody likes to lose, but all winning does at this point is worsen the Hurricanes draft position, so it’s important to keep your eyes focused on […]

Game 76 By the Numbers: Hurricanes at Penguins

Even with Evgeni Malkin out of the lineup, this was a game that most hockey minds would consider an easy win for the Penguins. They were going up against a Hurricanes team that had just played the night before in Ottawa and are likely heading for a bottom-ten finish in another couple weeks. To add […]

Game 75 By the Numbers: Hurricanes at Senators

If you’re looking to use the rest of the season to dig out some positives with the Hurricanes future, last night’s 2-1 shootout loss to the Ottawa Senators probably didn’t provide you with much. On the other hand, if you are just looking for entertaining hockey the rest of the way, then this was the […]

Game 74 By the Numbers: Blue Jackets at Hurricanes

It’s been awhile since the Hurricanes lost a game in overtime, so last night’s 3-2 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets was an unfriendly reminder of what haunted this team for most of November and December. They were involved in a close, tight-checking game that they could have closed out in regulation but ended up […]

Game 73 By the Numbers: Hurricanes at Panthers

The Hurricanes are at a point of the season where there isn't a whole lot to play for from the fan's point of view. Sure, the playoffs are still a "mathematical possibility" but it's going to take a lot of help and it's unlikely that this squad will pull it off. It's tough to figure […]

Game 72 By the Numbers: Islanders at Hurricanes

Almost everyone in Caniac Nation is familiar with the concept of "score effects" by now. It's when a team builds an early lead and opts to sit back for the rest of the game, resulting in the trailing team racking up a lot of shots on goal and ending up in the positive ledger in […]

Game 71 By the Numbers: Hurricanes at Jets

Since the 2011-12 season, Carolina fans have had a strained relationship with goaltender Cam Ward. Although still loved by many, Ward has struggled with injuries and poor play for the last three years and while not all of it is his fault, it's contributed to many of the Hurricanes problems and this year is probably […]

Game 70 By the Numbers: Hurricanes at Blackhawks

If there was one game most Hurricane fans had marked down as a loss, last night's showdown against the Chicago Blackhawks was likely at the top of the list. Even at the beginning of the year when spirits were higher, not many expected the Canes to come into the United Center and escape with two […]

Game 69 By the Numbers: Hurricanes at Blue Jackets

During Monday's practice, Carolina head coach Kirk Muller unleashed his frustration over his team's performance publicly. It was a side of him that many haven't seen before (at least during his time in Carolina), but the fact that it's coming out now isn't very surprising. Everyone knows the Hurricanes have been underachieving and I'm sure […]

Neutral Zone Breakdown: Open Door Policy

Tracking zone entries has been all the rage in the hockey analytics community this year and the main thing we look at is how often a team/player carries the puck into the offensive zone as opposed to dumping it in. That is generally how we judge which players are "winning the battle" in the neutral […]

Game 68 By the Numbers: Oilers at Hurricanes

Losing to a team like the Edmonton Oilers at this time of the season would normally be something to panic over but for the Hurricanes, it was really just another game and another loss. This is a team that has lost seven of their last ten games and while the playoffs might have been in […]

Game 67 By the Numbers: Hurricanes at Bruins

If the fanbase had any optimism left in the Hurricanes, their coaching staff and most of their players, it likely disappeared after their 5-1 loss to the Boston Bruins this afternoon. The result isn't terribly surprising because the Hurricanes have been a team in disarray since the Olympic break while the Bruins are one of […]

Power Play Problems: Setup & Shot Location

The struggles of the Hurricanes power play are frustrating and it goes beyond just this season. The team's power play has ranked in the bottom half of the league for the last five years, so figuring out the root of the problem is a daunting task at this point. This year is especially frustrating because […]