Game 53 By the Numbers: Hurricanes at Canadiens

Raise your hand if you've heard this story before: The Carolina lost a game in which they outshot their opponent and played a fairly solid game that was muddled by a few critical mistakes. This sums up their 3-0 shutout loss to the Montreal Canadiens last night, ending a four game winning streak and putting […]

Game 52 By the Numbers: Blue Jackets at Hurricanes

It's almost February and most fans are still trying to figure out what this Hurricanes team's "identity" is. This is something that even I have a tough time answering because the Canes have been more of a reactive team and often let their opponents decide the type of game being played. However, if there's one […]

Game 51 By the Numbers: Senators at Hurricanes

The Hurricanes offense has really become unleashed over the last week or so, averaging 4.4 goals over the last five games and a good chunk of that production has come from the first line. This is what made Saturday's 6-3 win over the Ottawa Senators slightly more satisfying. Out of the six goals Carolina scored […]

Game 50 By the Numbers: Hurricanes at Sabres

There haven't been many times this year where the Hurricanes have been able to outscore their problems and get away with playing a sub-par game, but this was the case in their 5-3 win over the Buffalo Sabres. On paper, this should have been a game that the Hurricanes shouldn't have had much trouble with. […]

Game 49 By the Numbers: Hurricanes at Flyers

Carolina fans were treated to a few things they haven't seen in awhile last Wednesday night. Not only did the Hurricanes clinch their first season series win over the Flyers in what feels like an eternity, they also got to see one of the most complete performances this club has turned in all season. One […]

Game 48 By the Numbers: Lightning at Hurricanes

This article on Alex Semin posted today seems a little ironic now because the theme of process vs. results perfectly describes the Hurricanes 5-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning. There wasn't much to complain about with the Hurricanes effort or compete level and they didn't leave anything on the ice either. They fired a […]

Process, results and Alexander Semin

Alexander Semin had a big game last night, scoring two third period goals to help the Canes get a 3-2 win over the Florida Panthers, snapping a two game losing streak. It's been a very frustrating year for Semin, as those were only his seventh and eight goals of the season. He has 20 points […]

Game 47 By the Numbers: Panthers at Hurricanes

Good teams always find a way to win and while the Hurricanes are still far away from being a good team in my eyes, they had to overcome a few obstacles to come away with two points against Florida last night. This had all the makings of a "typical" Hurricanes game early on where Carolina […]

Breaking down the Hurricanes Power Play

When Kirk Muller took over as head coach of the Carolina Hurricanes, one of the things he intended to do was improve the Canes special teams play. Muller did wonders with the Montreal Canadiens power play when he served as an assistant coach from 2006-2011. The Habs ranked in the top half of the NHL […]

Shot quality revisited: Going to the net

The Hurricanes have been an extremely frustrating team to watch this year. There are some nights where they look like a team that can contend for a playoff spot and even when they don't win, they've been able to earn points in games where they've had to dig themselves out of an early hole. Still, […]

Game 46 By the Numbers: Flames at Hurricanes

The Hurricanes have had a few games that I would refer to as "rock bottom" this year and last night's 2-0 loss to the Calgary Flames belongs in that conversation. The Hurricanes have had bigger losses this year and it's not the first time they've been shutout, but this is easily their most disappointing performance […]

Hurricanes Scoring Chances: Who is Creating Most of the Offense?

Offense wasn't supposed to be a problem for the Hurricanes this year. They arguably the most productive first line in the NHL last season and have enough offensive talent on the roster to outscore some of their other problems. Even when the team was going through a scoring rut in October/November, most said that the […]

Game 45 By the Numbers: Hurricanes at Blue Jackets

All good things must come to an end and unfortunately for the Hurricanes, their five game winning streak ended last night, getting shutout 3-0 by the Columbus Blue Jackets. Some clubs always seem to have the other teams numbers and the Blue Jackets always seem to own the Canes for whatever reason. It has been […]

Game 44 By the Numbers: Maple Leafs at Hurricanes

It's been awhile since we've seen the Hurricanes play like they did last night. They've had a few performances that I'd describe as "great team efforts," but it's not every day that we see them run away with a game like they did in their 6-1 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs. For most of […]