Welcome to Shutdown Line!

Hello all! First, let me introduce myself. My name is Corey Sznajder and I have been a fan of hockey, Carolina sports and journalism for as long as I can remember. I have been blogging about the NHL, Washington Capitals and Carolina Panthers on my personal blog for the past couple of years and am a big advocate of the statistical side of hockey which is getting more popular by the day. That’s what this blog is for; a statistical view on the Carolina Hurricanes in addition to being a general fanblog. That’s not to say this blog will be all numbers because it will not, but you can expect a lot of in-depth analysis on the Hurricanes, their players, prospects and the Southeast Division. I will also be tracking scoring chances for the Canes for the upcoming season and I am very excited to do so. I’m currently in the process of tallying chances for the previous year and will have a few posts on it shortly. I am hoping I can turn this blog into a great community and hope you will enjoy it as readers.


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