A Look at The Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Stick

Bauer released its latest selection of hockey sticks in November 2017; the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Stick. They took the design of their highly successful 1X Stick and made further improvements to it, while the changes do not seem that big, people are expecting a lot from this latest release. Let’s take a look at Bauer Hockey’s latest stick and figure out whether it is worthy of replacing your old 1X Stick or not.

The body of the Vapor 1X Lite Stick is made through a one-piece moulding method and makes use of TexTreme carbon fibre which makes the stick incredibly light and also quite durable. Its construction material, combined with its single piece body is definitely going to make this stick a lot harder to break since there are not structurally weak parts in its design. Its lighter weight also makes the stick easier to use and handle.

The company has also made improvements to their stick’s blade by making use of their advanced carbon layering technology which essentially makes the blade lighter thanks to carbon layers that are thirteen percent lighter and come with a greater number of fibre angles. Overall, the blade part of the stick has lost seven percent of its weight and also allows for better puck handling.

Judging from the stick’s name and what we have discussed so far, you can tell that Bauer was all about making their 1X design as lightweight as possible. The senior version of this stick weighs a mere 397 grams and is currently the lightest stick in Bauer’s line up, right after the ADV Series.

Bauer did not focus on weight reduction alone, the company has also made the stick a lot better balanced than the previous 1X, its double concave sidewalls also allow for a much better grip, making the stick a joy to use for anyone who prioritizes accuracy and handling while on the field.

Bauer has also seemed to finally figure out how to improve the “puck feel” of their sticks, the 1X Lite provides a highly satisfying feel as you interact with the puck, a feeling that people do not generally relate to Bauer’s sticks. Its weight reduction, better balancing, and a number of other improvements make the 1X Lite a stick that will make you feel confident on the field and let you get in some great shots.

Almost all of the changes that were introduced in this design were “under the hood”, meaning that the stick pretty much looks like a 1X, however, thanks to the various technological improvements that Bauer has introduced, the handling, feel, and overall quality of this stick ha really soared. The best part is that this stick lets you have lightweight and durability at the same time, you get the best of both worlds in a package that will keep you happy and really help you out while you are out playing.

There was plenty of hype surrounding this stick, and so far it has not disappointed anyone.