You’ll Want a Ping Pong Table After This

Ping pong or table tennis can be a very competitive, fast-paced sport that just about anyone can enjoy. No kidding, really, we’ve seen people lose ping pong matches to their grandparents even. You can play single matches, you can do doubles or just play a very aggressive game of smashes for fun. This is a fun game and challenging sport for all players across all but it’s not just fun and games either. It’s actually a pretty healthy sport to be playing.

Even if you don’t have room for a full ping pong table at home, you can still play pretty decent games on a mini ping pong table. You’ll want to bring one of these homes after you learn about the following health benefits of playing the game. You can even find books of how healthy ping pong is as an activity.

Improves Your Hand-Eye Coordination

When you’re playing ping pong, your eyes are on the ball and never on the bat. You’ll sharpen your reflexes and your accuracy of hits without peeling your eyes off of the ball in your side of the court. You’ll also start seeing where each hit is likely to send the ball more often that way.

It Isn’t Too Demanding of The Joints

If you suffer from back or knee problems and can’t run around a whole lot like you would while laying a sport such as tennis, then ping pong is just the right sport for you. It’s fast, competitive and really easy on the joints. The most movement you’ll be doing is bending side to side.

Burns Calories

Just because you aren’t running around doesn’t mean that ping pong isn’t a good sport to vent your energy. You’ll be very physically and mentally involved when playing ping pong and you’ll burn up to 270 calories from just an hour of playing.

Getting The Most Out of Your Music

Did you know that the audio you listen to is never playing as intended? Well, unless you’re making an effort to get the most out of your sound, that is. When music is recorded, it is mixed and mastered by a sound engineer whose job it is to make sure that the end product is such that it sounds the best to our ears. Now, whatever you use to play your music on top of that original recording is going to have some kind of an effect on what you hear.

Naturally, lower quality headphones and music players (such as our phones, being completely honest) won’t get the most out of your audio, no matter how a high a bit rate you downloaded it in. Some music players use hardware that you can use to tweak your sound till it suits your ears the best but even then you’re still within the realm of a digital recording which can only have a certain amount of audio data that you can play around with.

Now if you’re at home, you could be listening to your music on a high end record player that can get the most out of that original recording of your favourite music. Turn tables aren’t very cheap to buy but if you consider yourself to be an audiophile, then it’s been on your bucket list for the longest time. You can find the best all in one record player in your budget.

Nowadays, you can turn tables with all the bells and whistles that come with high end audio equipment so there’s no reason to go looking for an antique one unless you intend on keeping it for show purposes only