The CCM Ribcor 70K

Hockey is one of those sports that simply cannot be played without the right equipment on hand, and one of the most important pieces of hockey equipment are the ice skates. We are going to take a look at the latest entry in the Ribcor line; the CCM Ribcor 70k, a pair of ice skates that is set on revolutionizing the Ribcor skate line completely. These skates make use of the latest technology to provide users with a superb fitting, satisfaction, and a performance orientated design that is bound to help hockey players excel.

The core of these skates (the boot structure) is made using a dual axis boot that is 3D lasted and has a FlexFrame. The heel area and ankle shape has been extensively reworked as well to get rid of the pump technology that was present in older Ribcor models. Doing so allowed these skates to become 70g lighter than the Ribcor 50K skates while simultaneously preserving the fit of this skate line that many people have grown to love. Basically, the Ribcor 70ks feel a lot like any other Ribcor skates, but they come with a significant number of changes that make them more performance friendly.

The inside of the boot makes use of CCM’s superb moisture wicking materials, along with the addition of wear resistant cloth in areas that are more prone to wear and tear. The ankle area comes with high grade foam that makes the shoe feel incredibly comfortable and also makes it safer to wear, the heel lock has undergone improvement as well. An interesting thing about these skates is that their soles have HDPE foams that are heat mouldable, meaning that you can expect these heels to grip your feet really well after they have been worn for a while.

the inside of this shoe is designed to grip your feet as snugly as possible and keep them cushioned no matter how long you wear the skates, the outside makes use of materials that maximize energy transfer in order to allow the wearer to be as responsive as possible. Now that we have talked about what these skates are made of and what kind of technology are they using, it is time to discuss how they actually feel.

If you have used any other skates from the Ribcor line before getting the 70Ks, you will be able to tell that these skates pretty much feel the same as their older versions, and in a good way. The shoe is snug, comfortable and reassuringly holds onto your feet, providing support and protection as well. Some people might find the shoe to be a bit too tight at first, but you can fix this problem by simply adjusting its laces.

Overall, CCM’s latest Ribcor skates feel great and are bound to become a favourite amongst hockey lovers and professional players as well, and a great thing about them is that despite the crazy features that they offer, the 70K skates are not that expensive (in terms of pro level skates).