The Rink Rat: Professional Hockey Wheels

Having great gear by your side really makes a difference when it comes to hockey, and the best thing about hockey is that there is a ton of gear to choose from, this lets you really customize your kit so that you can bring out the most of your abilities every time you hit the field. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Rink Rat Trickster Hockey Wheels, designed to amplify the performance of pretty much any skates that they get connected with.

The Rink Rat Tricksters have a supple inner urethane that gives the wheels much more flexibility, making them quite grippy, the outer portion of the wheel in contrast, is made of a harder material that enables the wheels to catch speed and also take plenty of wear and tear. Overall, the wheel has a total of three layers that get increasingly harder as you move towards the outer layers. This design factor allows the wheels to provide a superb combination of speed, grip, and durability.

The bonding between every layer is incredibly powerful so you don’t have to worry about them coming apart, also, the wheels have a tapered body that further enhances their performance.

Most people tend to not look forward to replacing their wheels since this drastically changes the feel of their skates and also makes them go through a break-in period. However, the Rink Rat Tricksters have been designed to have a negligible break-in period and they have a very pleasant feeling. If you are using something from Rink Rat for the first time then you will notice how grippy and responsive these wheels feel, and if you have used wheels from this company in the past then you’ll find that the Tricksters feel pleasantly familiar.

These wheels can easily hold up against any other high end wheel sets out in the market, their responsiveness and feel makes using them incredibly natural, you will find yourself getting serious with these wheels in not time at all.

A really great thing about these wheels is that they provide you with everything you would expect from a great set of wheels, meaning that you will not have to come up with a combination of different wheel sets to balance your speed and grip. You can pretty much rely on these wheels for quite some time after getting them, and the best part is that they offer a superb set of features at a very budget friendly price, each wheel costs around 10 dollars, meaning a full set of 8 will cost you less than a 100 dollars.

Remember, a sportsman can only get so far on skill alone, in order to truly excel and enjoy a sport to it’s fullest, you must have the right tools on hand, tools that let you give your all while also keeping you safe. The Tricksters meet every mark, allowing you to perform well without having to worry about slipping or losing control as you perform even the most extreme maneuvers in the field.