What’s The Deal With Mackeeper?

Sometimes, there’s a fine line between being popular and being notorious. To some advertisers, that line becomes blurred and as a result they’re left wondering why no one’s buying from them. If we had to give an example about bad advertising to anyone, we’d just say one word and every Mac user ever, would agree – Mackeeper.

Yes, the notoriously annoying advert that just keeps popping up and auto installing its .dmg file onto your hard disk. It’s really no surprise why literally no one in the entire Apple community trusts Mackeeper. So, this really begs the question, what does mackeeper really even do? Basically mackeeper is a cleaning utility software that could actually really benefit your PC as well if you chose to actually install it. Mackeeper’s creator, Kromtech however left us with more reasons to suspect it as malware instead of trusting it.

To make things worse for this unlucky utility software, it was subjected to many false reviews that present it as a virus. People believe things they read on the internet even faster if they’re negative. On the contrary, mackeeper is a pretty neat cleaning software. Your mac has about 4 Gigs of RAM, which is enough but still limited. Having mackeeper installed and running can help you free up both Memory and RAM so you have more storage room in your PC and you can run it more smoothly.

Without a cleaning utility, you won’t even know when all your cache data takes over your storage and when you no longer have enough user available RAM for a smooth experience. In the end, mackeeper might actually be worth your money. In our experience, it was pretty good to use and did its intended job.